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Archive: Performance at Sonic Arts Network Expo Plymouth 2007

August 24, 2017

Lick the pitch sudophone plymouth

In 2007 I performed two pieces at the Sonic Arts Networks Sonic Picnic event in Plymouth. I was in John Richards (Dirty Electronics) ensemble performing a piece called Lick The Pitch for the electronic instrument the Sudophone. I also performed on turntables in an ensemble called the Semorphonic Orchestra. (more…)


Dirty Electronics Ensemble and Kei Miyata

May 30, 2013

Dirty electronics ensemble kai Miyata

I recently worked with the Dirty Electronic Ensemble and Japanese choreographer Kei Miyata (Teshigawara/Karas) in residence at the Curve Theatre, Leicester, UK. It was great getting my hands dirty again with some dirty electronics and it was and honour working with Kei Miyata. Over a two week period led by Kai and John Richards, we built new electronic instruments and devised a performance piece called Rock – Papers – Scissors. (more…)

Noise Music: Dirty Electronics Ensemble with DJ Sniff

June 5, 2012

As part of MTI’s ongoing relationship with Steim, DJ Sniff visited De Montfort University to give lectures and curate a performance with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble. I performed a piece by DJ Sniff called Sssssssssss for four Turntablists. Each performer had a spoken word record and had to search for the S sounds on the vinyl. (more…)

Noise Music Synth: Dirty Electronics Ensemble and Chris Carter

October 10, 2010

The Dirty Electronics Ensemble have collaborated with Chris Carter on an instrument called the Dirty Carter. Which is an experimental sound generating instrument the size of a postcard. I was part of the 25 ensemble members who worked with Carter for a performance at Phoenix square in Leicester using the Dirty Carter and other Dirty Electronics instruments.

There is more info about the performance on Asmo’s blog post Chris Carter and the Dirty Electronics Ensemble and clips from the performance and an interview with Chris and John Richards on the Phantom Circuit Radio show.

STENCH 3 @ Phoenix 27th March + Piece for laser beam

March 18, 2009


STENCH returns with an audio-visual feast of ear and eye shaking, featuring 7inch Cinema, Cuttlefish, Myoptik, Bathysphere, Dirty Electronics Ensemble, Okoku Araya, Chris Conway’s Quad Electronic and others. The Phoenix provides the setting for multiple screen and loudspeaker projections, electronic bleeps and laser visuals, with late bar and DJs.


STEIM Performance at DMU

December 22, 2008

In November, STEIM visited MTI from Amsterdam, to give a research seminar, lectures to students and an evening concert. I’ve uploaded videos of the concert, with solo performances by DJ Sniff, Byung Jun Kwon and a group improvisation by DJ Sniff, John Richards, Dushume and myself.

Dirty Electronics Ensemble Perform Stockhausen

December 12, 2008

Dirty Electronics Ensemble







In November, I performed the piece Kurwellen by the composer Stockhausen with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble led by John Richards and Simon Emmerson. We performed the work at the Southbank Centre, London and De Montfort University, Leicester.

Wounded Furniture

November 17, 2008

I went to a great gig last night which was curated by the Noise Doctor John Richards.

It was a mixed program, including solo performances by Richards, Dushume and NealUnreal, audio visual work by Tim Wright and a collaboration between Nic Bullen, John Richards and percussionists Baz and Jeff from the Dirty Electronics Ensemble. (more…)