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Turntable Music Symposium 2016, University of Northampton

October 11, 2016


In January I organised a symposium on Turntable Music with invited guests Karin Weissenbrunner (City University, London) and Lisa Busby (Goldsmiths University, London). The event was held in the Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton as part of my exhibition Vinyl Record Cutting as a Compositional Tool.

Karin presented her PhD research focused on musical analysis of experimental turntablist performance and Lisa discussed her approaches to performance using playback media. I also presented my experiments with record cutting and discussed the presentation of the work in the exhibition. In the evening we had a concert where both myself and Lisa performed individually and we also did a short improvisation together. Lisa performed tracks from her new album Fingers in The Gloss and my performance was an improvisation using records which I have cut as part of my research.  (more…)

UK Young Artists Workshop and Performance

February 6, 2011

Transformation of the Mind

I was guest artist at the UKYA event in Derby back in October. The concert was the first performance with Ola Szmidt of our album Transformation of the Mind and we had a great audience of UKYA artists. During the day I also gave a soundscape workshop for artists taking part in the UKYA event. (more…)

Moldover controllerism Workshop and Performance

October 14, 2010

While in the UK for Future Everything in Manchester, I managed to divert controllerist Mat Moldover to Leicester, to give a performance and workshop. He performed using his custom built Mojo controller at an MTI party at Phoenix Square along with performances by Threep and a collaboration between myself and MSB.


Soundscape recording with Radar Loughborough

September 17, 2010

Over the summer I co-ordinated a soundscape project called The Collaborative Voice with composer Duncan Chapman for the Radar arts organisation based at Loughborough University.


Tim Exile Performance and Workshop at Demontfort University

April 9, 2010

I had the pleasure of supporting Tim Exile in his visit to De Montfort University, at part of the Cultural Exchanges Festival in March. Tim gave a workshop with students on the MTI program discussing his approach to performance using his Reaktor patch and hardware controllers.


Sound.Son soundcape Project

May 22, 2009

I’ve been working on an international sound exchange project called Soundson this week. I worked with students from The Lancaster School in Leicester, where we recorded environmental and voice sounds. Students composed with these sounds by chopping them up, looping, pitch shifting and time stretching. We then took part in a live exchange with Collège de la Petite Camargue in France. Exchanging sounds over the web to create a new composition. It was a fun project.

BBC Radio Leicester came along to do a feature on the project.

The sounds and compositions are on the Sound.Son website