STEIM Performance at DMU

In November, STEIM visited MTI from Amsterdam, to give a research seminar, lectures to students and an evening concert. I’ve uploaded videos of the concert, with solo performances by DJ Sniff, Byung Jun Kwon and a group improvisation by DJ Sniff, John Richards, Dushume and myself.

DJ Sniff performed using his Cut n’ Play system, which is a crossfader-triggered sampler created using the CD trigger output of the Rane Empath DJ mixer and Max/MSP. Byung Jun Kwon created a live audio visual work using a pen with a camera on it. Kwon used the camera to pick up the movement of the pen as he draws on a page, or points it at images cut from magazines. Also worth a mention, is John Richards D-I-Y turntable built from a record case, motor, stylus and light sensor.

DJ Sniff

DJ Sniff, John Richards, James Kelly and Dushume

D-I-Y Turntable


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2 Responses to “STEIM Performance at DMU”

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    […] mixers delay reminds me of DJ Sniff who I later met and collaborated with at Steim in Holland and De Montfort University in Leicester. While Sniff’s use of granular delay allows for more complexity, there is a similar […]

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