Dirty Electronics Ensemble and Kei Miyata

Dirty electronics ensemble kai Miyata

I recently worked with the Dirty Electronic Ensemble and Japanese choreographer Kei Miyata (Teshigawara/Karas) in residence at the Curve Theatre, Leicester, UK. It was great getting my hands dirty again with some dirty electronics and it was and honour working with Kei Miyata. Over a two week period led by Kai and John Richards, we built new electronic instruments and devised a performance piece called Rock – Papers – Scissors.

We worked with fashion students from De Montfort University who created paper cones which were worn by performers. The use of costumes made for an interesting departure from previous Dirty Electronics performances. The focus is usually on the music, with not much thought to what performers are wearing. It was interesting to see how the costumes effected how we performed. For one element of the piece, performers were wired up with speakers in their mouths, attached to white noise generators. It was possible to shape the sound of white noise by using the mouth as a filter and the sound projected out of the cone. The restriction and isolation the performer felt while wearing the cone, impacted on the movement and sound gestures created in the piece.

Photos from rehearsals:

Making cones.

Dirt Electronics Ensemble rehearsal

Kei Miyata wearing full body cone.

Dirty Electronics Ensemble and Kei Miyata

Dirty Electronics and Kei Miyata

Me trying out my cone head.

Dirty Electronics Ensemble

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