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Ambient Music Performance at Create-A-Con, LCB Depot, Leicester 10.03.18

March 5, 2018

laser beam

I will be performing Piece for Laser Beam, with laser projection by Sean Clark, at Create-A-Con at the LCB Depot, Leicester. I’m working on a new version of the piece which will be mixed live with Ableton’s Live software and hardware controllers. The original version of the piece was composed with Adam Weikert in March 2009 and presented at Stench III at the Phoenix Leicester, with the laser being projected onto the Phoenix cinema screen. Audio for the original version below.

The performance will be part of the Create-A-Con after party 6 – 9pm.

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Archive: James Kelly and Adam Weikert + Turntablist Philip Jeck at Summer Sundae 2008

January 24, 2017


I worked in an ambient electronic duo with Adam Weikert between 2007 and 2008. We recorded three studio improvisations which were released on CDR and performed a handful of concerts in Leicester and Coventry. In 2008, we performed on the Bathysphere stage at Leicester’s Summer Sundae festival alongside turntablist Philip Jeck. I think of this as my crate digger phase where I was remixing obscure records found in charity shops.


Ambient Electronica: James Kelly and Adam Weikert – Green Ep

January 31, 2016

green ep james kelly adam weikert


Green Ep is a studio collaboration which was recorded in 2008 with the composer and musician Adam Weikert. The tracks were entirely improvised combining sampled sounds on turntables with samples and keyboard playing on a laptop. The EP was released as a CDR in February 2008 and was sold and handed out at gigs around that time. Adam and I played a number of live gigs as well as recording the album Winchester (2007) and another CDR called Black EP. The Green EP can be downloaded for free from the James Kelly Bandcamp page.

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Piece For Laser Beam

Piece for Laser Beam (Audio)

April 6, 2009

laser beam

I recently composed a piece for laser beam with Adam Weikert. The piece was performed by Sean Clark at Stench 3 with the laser pointed at the cinema screen in the Phoenix, Leicester. Audio below.

Winchester (Album Audio)

November 9, 2008


The album Winchester is a collection of improvisations created through a collaboration between myself on turntables and Adam Weikert on laptop. This music exists in a void between narrative and abstraction, combining elements of minimalism, ambient music, spoken word, field recordings and noise to creating evolving landscapes in sound.

You can download the whole album in your preferred file format from this LINK or have a listen to the MP3’s below.

Winchester I

Winchester II

Winchester III

Winchester IV

Electronic Music Improvisation: James Kelly and Adam Weikert

November 6, 2008

james kelly and adam weikert live turntablism performance

I recently completed my masters in Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University. My research explored the use of foot pedal controllers in turntable performance.

Here is the organ pedal I used and a video of my performance with laptop musician Adam Weikert.


Live Electronic Music Improvisation: James Kelly and Adam Weikert

November 6, 2008

In this video I use my feedback pedal created during my MA in Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester. It’s an appropriated guitar expression pedal, used to control an internal feedback loop within the DJ mixer to create noise textures.

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