R10 Archive

I co-run the arts space R10 in Leicester, UK. This page is an archive of some of the events hosted there.

Future Events: 14.09.18

Fortran Jam session 14.9.18

Electronic music jam session.

Fortan 21.09.18

Fortran Flyer 21.09.18

Freya Mylchreest – Electronic Body Music Concrete

Natalia Fijolek – Classical and Folklore meets Contemporary Music

Paul Mazzetelli – Gobbolino, Feedback, Sound & Sight

James Kelly – Experimental Turntablism

Sadfem- Dreamy Melodic Cloud Beats

Past Events:

Itching to Scratch – Turntablism workshops with Jon 1st 12.8.18

Itching to Scratch Turntablism workshops Jon First

DMC World Champion Jon 1st presents turntablism workshops and jam session at R10.

Microbit Hackathon 02.08.18

Microbit Hackathon

Micro Bit

Fortran 20.07.18

Fortran Chiptune

Andy Jenkinson – ZX Spectrum 1 bit music

Mark Towers – SID Chip Audio Warping

Megan Timings – Chiptune Pop

Jim Frize – Atari vs Arduino

Johnny c – Audio-reactive visuals

Paul Mazzetelli and James Kelly – Arcade Inspired Music

Sadfem DJ Set

Fortran 29.6.18

 Cardew Treatise r10 Leicester

Live performance of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise performed by Audrey Riley Leonie Dubarry-Gurr  Mike Blow Ola Szmidt Sam Topley Steph Horak Jim Frize Mark Towers Paul Mazzitelli James Kelly

R10 at Interact Live 08.06.18

Interact Live at CA50

Live Electronic Music from R10 at Interact Live, Lightbox Gallery, LCB Depot Leicester. Performances by Mark Towers, James Kelly, Jim Frize, Paul Mazzitelli and Sadfem. Laser projection by Sean Clark as part of the CAS50 Exhibition.

Fortran 25.05.18

Fortran 25th May 2018 r10 ambient electronic music

Steph Horak – Voice and electronics


SHIM – Ambient Alternative Shoegaze


SADFEM – Dreamy Melodic Cloud Beats


Alex Fielder – DIY Microphone and Live Electronics

Jim Frize – Live Looping


James Kelly – Ambiet AV

Democratic Electronic Music Project 23.5.18

Democratic electronic music at r10 synthi

R10 are partners in the Democratic Electronic Music project with Mike Blow, Scanner, Kathy Hinde, Matt Olden, John Richards, Mat Emmett and Oxford Contemporary Music. Funded by the Without Walls consortium.

Lisa Lashes DJ Academy Workshops 12.05.18 + 19.05.18

Lisa Lashes DJ Academy R10 Leicester

Fortran 14.04.18

R10 Leicester 14.03.18

Sam Topley
Massive Noisy Pompom

Herve Perez and James Kelly
Saxophone and Turntables

Megan Timings
Chiptune Pop

Paul Mazzitelli
Tempest, Filtering and Feedback

Fortran 16.03.18

Fortran March 16 2018

Fortran 22.02.18

Fortran Feb R10 Leicester

James Kelly and Adam Weikert – Piece for Laser Beam (visuals by Sean Clark)

Paul Mazzitelli – Acousmatic, Spectral Analysis and Visual FX

Mark Towers – Dark Modular Nudalism

SadFem – Dreamy Melodic Cloud Beats

Jim Frize – Glip Glop

Audrey Riley and James Kelly – Jan 2018

Rehearsal and performance of Piece for Cello and Locked Groove.

Riley’s cello playing is cut to vinyl as locked grooves which are remixed by Kelly using three turntables and a DJ mixer. The piece explores the dialogue between processed cello recordings and live improvisation.

Ableton User Group Meeting – 27.1.18

Ableton User Group Leicester Mark Towers James Kelly

Mark Towers – Introduction to Ableton’s Live 10.

James Kelly – Experimental Turntablism Workshop


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