Archive: James Kelly and Adam Weikert + Turntablist Philip Jeck at Summer Sundae 2008


I worked in an ambient electronic duo with Adam Weikert between 2007 and 2008. We recorded three studio improvisations which were released on CDR and performed a handful of concerts in Leicester and Coventry. In 2008, we performed on the Bathysphere stage at Leicester’s Summer Sundae festival alongside turntablist Philip Jeck. I think of this as my crate digger phase where I was remixing obscure records found in charity shops.



Philip Jeck

Jeck has developed his unique approach to turntable improvisation using Dansette record players, a Casio sampling keyboard, small mixer with inbuilt reverb and mini disc players. He uses records which have been given to him over the years and often uses locked grooves which he creates by placing stickers onto the vinyl. In more recent sets such as the St Johns performance below, he can been seen using dubplates which have been created for commissions. Jeck’s presence looms large in experimental turntable music and its almost impossible to create ambient turntable music without referencing his work, whether intentionally or not.




Philip Jeck at Summer Sundae, Leicester 2008

Phillip Jeck St John, London 2016

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