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Muted Fnord, Poisk and James Kelly Ft Ola Szmidt

November 30, 2012

Muted Fnord Poisk James Kelly

I will be performing tracks from my album Transformation of The Mind at the Crumblin Cookie in Leicester in December. I will be cutting the instrumental stems of my tracks to vinyl at my studio Tracks to Wax and remixing the album using three turntables, with live vocals from Ola Szmidt. Both Dave Dhonau and Ola from Muted Fnord feature heavily on my album, so it will be a pleasure to support them at this gig. The event will also feature a set from Poisk who has some interesting sounds coming from his bandcamp page.



Performance at Audio Graft Festival Oxford

January 26, 2011

I’m performing a remixed version of my album Transformation of the Mind at the Audio Graft Festival next month. I’ve cut the stems of my tracks to 5 vinyl records and will be performing a 3 deck mix of my tracks at Modern Art Oxford on Sat the 19th of Feb.


August 19, 2009

A few weeks ago we put on a mini Stench Festival, with 2 nights of electronic music at The Great Central Gallery, Leicester. The first night was curated by Bathysphere with peformances from Asmo, Neil Unreal, Sam Dodson and myself. The second night was hosted by PVC, with performances from BJ Cole VS Myoptik, Phaelah, Samual and the Dragons, Glatze and Wassim. With sound system prived by the Biscuit Tin Sound System. The gig was broadcast live on Ustream and the video above is from the first night, filmed by Jaqueline Cheval.

I’ve recently bought a Korg Zero4 DJ mixer and I’m using it with Ableton and Traktor Scratch Pro. I’ve been spending a lot of time composing and I use this gear and DJ techniques to realise my music in performance. This gig was my first opportunity to try it out in performance. Thanks to all the event organisers for a great weekend of gigs!

Stench 4

June 8, 2009

James Kelly at Stench 4

I had a great time at Stench on Friday, the night featured 3 AV performances from Modulate, Mick Grierson, a collaboration by myself and Cuttlefish and a DJ set by Burntprogress.


Sampling, live performance and turntablism

November 14, 2008


I gave a lecture to 2nd year MTI students yesterday, looking at where sampling in live performance and turntablism are at currently and tracing links back to early experimental composers such as John Cage and the birth of hip hop with Cool Herc and Grandmaster Flash. I have posted a page full of youtube videos and a bibliography from my turntablism research.

Electronic Music Improvisation: James Kelly and Adam Weikert

November 6, 2008

james kelly and adam weikert live turntablism performance

I recently completed my masters in Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University. My research explored the use of foot pedal controllers in turntable performance.

Here is the organ pedal I used and a video of my performance with laptop musician Adam Weikert.


Live Electronic Music Improvisation: James Kelly and Adam Weikert

November 6, 2008

In this video I use my feedback pedal created during my MA in Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester. It’s an appropriated guitar expression pedal, used to control an internal feedback loop within the DJ mixer to create noise textures.

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Janek Schaefer Performance, Leicester

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Stench 4