Cutting Records

vinyl lathe cutter head

A few months ago, I bought a vinyl lathe so that I can cut my own one off records, known as lathe cuts or dubplates. The grooves are cut in realtime by the diamond stylus shown in the picture above. I’ve spent the last few months making test cuts with my own music and have played the records out at a few gigs. I’m really pleased with the sound I’m getting so far and have lots of plans for cutting records for use in performance and limited edition runs of my own music.

More record cutting on this blog

Record Cutting, Fresh Dubplates for United Nations of Dub Weekender

Dubplate cutting article


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7 Responses to “Cutting Records”

  1. The Biscuit Tin Sound System 11.11.11 « James Kelly’s blog Says:

    […] Phase will be firing up the lathe to cut some new dubplates for the […]

  2. Adam Says:

    Hi – have you any plans to start doing this for artists/labels?

  3. James Kelly Says:

    Hi Adam, thanks for your comment, you can order lathe cuts of your tracks from my website



  4. Alex Says:

    Which Lathe do you have??

  5. Paul Says:

    Hi there I need some serious help over here in South Africa
    I even will be prepared to travel …I want to start cutting vinyl over here..there is no one that does it over here everything gets sent over seas…I need to learn the trade…get a machine ect

  6. From the Archive: Experimental Turntablism | James Kelly's blog Says:

    […] how my approach has developed over the years from experiments with junk shop records to becoming a vinyl mastering engineer and cutting my own records for use in composition and performance. I recently unearthed a live set […]

  7. Desert Safari Says:

    This is an amazing and awesome experience. A true sense of arabian culture. The food is unbelievable and the evening show is amazing. There food is …

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