Club Transmediale 2010

I visited Berlin for a week back in Febuary for Club Transmediale 2010. It’s a great festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music. There was an eclectic mix of performances from DJ’s and electronic musicians such as Fourtet, Scuba and Dan Deacon.

One of my highlights was the Steim curated concert with performances by Turntablist DJ Sniff composer Alex Nowitz and sound artist Justin Bennett.

DJ Sniff performed an improvisation using his custom built system cut n play, consisting of a Technics turntable, Rane DJ mixer and a crossfader triggered sampler created in Max/MSP. Alex Nowitz performed compositions for solo voice, which he manipulated using Steim’s Lisa software and two wii controllers. Justin Bennett’s gave a mesmerizing performance which combined field recordings with a narrative, which he typed on a screen during the performance, as the soundscapes played.

With the combination of performances, installations and talks, there was plenty to keep me busy! There were some inspiring installation by students from the University of Berlin and Robert Henke, gave a talk about his performance set up the Monodeck controller and Ableton live. As part of the twinned Transmedialle 10 festival, I also saw the AV performance Pattern Recognition by Ryoji Ikeda and a performance using a Tesla coil by Artificiel.

The videos below are not from Club Transmedialle, but are illustrative of Sniff, Nowitz’s and Ikeda’s unique approaches to performance.

DJ Sniff

Alex Nowitz

Ryoji Ikeda


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