Stench IV @ The Phoenix 5th June

I’m performing a new piece with Sean Clark at the next Stench event. The line up includes Modulate, Mick Grierson and Burntprogress. More info on the line up:



Birmingham-based Modulate (Oscillate/Higher Intelligence Agency) are a digital arts collective exploring experimental sound and audio visual. They will be performing a live set using multi-speakers and multiple video-projectors. A rare multimedia treat!

Mick Grierson

Mick Grierson brings his noise machine in the form of hypnotic visuals and cascading noise, and having previously been involved in an episode of Derren Brown Trick of the Mind II, where he made an interactive computer game installation that was used to ‘mash someones brain’.

Burntprogress present Open CDR at STENCH
An opportunity for electronic musicians to hear their works in progress to be heard out loud amongst a like minded audience. Submit a CD of your Head-Knod/Snare-Snap/Sub-woofer resonating beats/loops/ambience, whatever your tempo persuasion by 9.30pm ready to be played during ’Open CDR’.

James Kelly and Cuttlefish
James Kelly is a Turntablist with an obsession for records. This continues even when he’s asleep, with a recurring dream about record shopping and an endless search for vinyl. STENCH 4 sees James manipulating vinyl samples and field recordings to create a new work which is part improvisation part composition as sounds are remixed using DJ scratch techniques in performance, accompanied by live visuals from Cuttlefish.

Stench TV / ArtScanner
Upload your videos and pictures to the Stench website to have them shown on screens in The Pheonix bar and foyer.


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