Collaboration with DJ Sniff and Dushume

In August I visited Steim in Amsterdam as part of my MA research and jammed with DJ Sniff and Amit Patel (Dushume). Steim are visiting De Montfort University next week and will be performing as part of the MTI concert series. There will be solo performances by DJ Sniff and Byungjun Kwon and an improvisation by Sniff, Amit and myself in the second half.

I’m looking forward to it!

Wednesday 19th November 2008
PACE Studio 1
Admission free

A short clip from our jam at Steim below…

steim jam


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One Response to “Collaboration with DJ Sniff and Dushume”

  1. From the Archive: Experimental Turntablism | James Kelly's blog Says:

    […] created using the DJ mixers delay reminds me of DJ Sniff who I later met and collaborated with at Steim in Holland and De Montfort University in Leicester. While Sniff’s use of granular delay allows for more […]

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